I remember being show a website, God’s Pharmacy whereby I learned about how plants, namely fruit and vegetables resembled human body parts. The reason they looked like human body parts is because thats what the plant was designed for.

What I was shown this weekend is another aspect of what GOD has done to help us. I am almost out of breath writing this!

I sat down with a friend who has been wanting to share with me information about, “FREQUENCY HEALING”

I am a GOD person, following YAHWEH from Hebraic understanding! What I was shown, having looked into “Frequency Stuff” before (and been fascinated) has taken my breath away for much of the weekend. I marvel at what is created. I do not do religion but I do understand the political dynamic of the biblical account. Furthermore, I see Kingdom language throughout the historical accounts presented to us in the Bible from a non religious perspective!. In other words, the chaos happening around the globe in governments and with in their political realities is not a new thing…

It is just our turn, only this time in a digital time period with Biological, Chemical, Nuclear weopons and now, A.I technology! Too much to get into in this subject matter. (Not my point in this post) Nevertheless my friends, nothing in my 64 years has blown up my brain like this before! WHAT GOD has done is billions of miles beyond our short-sightedness!

What I experienced this weekend offers another dynamic about just how FREAKING amazing we are in the creation concept of mankind, by GOD. I will be deep-diving this week. Both my wife and I were stunned after. “THE SCAN” (Her’s was done over the phone!) My scan was performed at my friend’s home…… Again, nothing in my 64 years has blown up my brain like this before concerning the quantum reality that we exist in, WOW!



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