Rico Cortes produced a collection of DVD’s, titled, “THE SCRIPTURES” several years ago.  Our then, men’s group, that I held in our apartment went through every DVD over the course of many months. In conjunction with learning the material, I personally started looking at scholarship recommended by Rico.  In so doing I could cooberate his research, finding an academic world that is somehow never connected to the Sunday sermon. I credit Rico with encouraging me to study and Dinah Dye showing me where to look.
I came across Professor Sheila McGinn and Professor Christine Hayes who both, further accentuated The SCRIPTURES, highlighting ancient legal terminology and precedent with regard to Suzerain, Vassal governance and the way things were done.
Dr. Dinah Dye helped me to learn even more so about the mythological reality of the ancient world and how certain biblical passages, poetic in nature, had more to do with how they understood gods as opposed to pastors.
The book, The Mythology of Eden, written by Arthur George and Elena George offers, It was mother earth, who produced life from dirt.” Hence, the man coming out of dirt motiff in Genesis. Now Moses and those who cataloged his writing would have been culturally bound to this way of thinking.
The book also highlights the mythological inference of a snake and how snakes were viewed. In that world everything grew out of dirt. Naturally, the writing about the creation of humans was no different. Hence when reading about Adam the mythology would have been well enshrined. How snakes where viewed would have been a natural component of the chaos (Primodial) myth that was commonly connected to dieties. The biblical Pharaoh would have been considered a diety. So too, was the serpent entering the garden complex (a few of you will get this.)
The book transformed my understanding of how the first five books of the biblical story, cataloged years later would have been full of mythological poetry, and hyperbole. Personification, exxageration, and analogy were part and parcel of how story tellers would have normal communication (lectures) to the folks.
The books of the Bible, when employing all of the above become miraculous on a whole other level.
I cannot read the text and apply it to Sunday conversations presented from the pulpit. There is just so much more to what is written that mirrors what we are all experiencing today. We see it from a western religious, scientific lens that simply was not how the writers of the books would have even contemplated. It was just not how the ancients thought. When touring the ancient sites in Turkey and Greece I could embrace what Rico and the Georges had researched. I understod better the creation account that is vastly different than the Christian telling, through translation.
I thought about all of the above, once again while having dinner with my friend, Gordon. Gordon lost his wife to breast cancer while I was in Turkey nearly two years ago.
My friends, I do not see the world that GOD created from a theological paradigm. I see a Kingdom under construction that is unlike every kingdom past or present. I understand the tiny nation of Israel fighting for more than existence. I believe emphatically, and because of what is occurring via Israel today in the GOD of Israel and the entire biblical account. I just don’t see any of it denominationally!
Sharing all of this with those who have not studied out much of what I have written is just this side of impossible in today’s conversations. Western doctrine in my opinion, support biblical ignorance and distorted context.

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