A word about Freedom:

What is so hard to comprehend within American society about the fight for freedom? The entirety of our nation was born as a result of an historical fight. A biblical event was put into motion when the colonists roared against the British monarchy, a nation was born! For the fisrt time in human history the citizenry, not a monarch or tyranical dictator carved out a nation. Our Declaration of Independance was fought for. The United States Constitution was also fought for. The engineers, if you will, knew enough about human nature to recognize the battle would not end. In order to have a more perfect union an ancient battle was now up to the will of the people as opposed to the dictates of a leader.  The world changed when America was born, the nations poured into this land. For the first time in human history people from across the globe flooded into, “The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!” The desire for freedom became a visible, tangible giant in the land! Still, the battle to control, oppress, and subjugate others follows all of us through the pages of history. Wars continue to be fought, enslavement continues across the planet! Death by violence chases every man, every woman, and child through time. Nevertheless, the good in the world continues to fight evil. The best of who we are continues to rise above our failures. If ever the time should come when we no longer comprehend this fact, we lose.

A word about systemic racism:

Adversity to all that is good in life most often lurks in the shadows. I was once told that a lie is something added to the truth. Deception is not born in and of itself, something has to be maligned! Killing children in the womb for example, goes against the fact that those doing the killing came from the womb. Lies pervert the truth in every instance of their use. For 87 years the America idea, “Freedom For all People” fought against slavery, the idea won! Moreover, the slave, whether European, Asian, Native America or African was outlawed as a result of the will of the people. With this in mind what I write about, how I express myself is based on the fight for freedom as opposed to the injustice of slavery. America is the land of Systemic Freedom when you remove the lie. I pray that it not take 87 years to destroy the lie that kills the unborn. Again, the fight for freedom continues. “Systemic Racism” is a catch phrase for something being born from the shadows….another lie!

I wrote this post because I want those who would visit my website to know that I am a product of Systemic Freedom. Harriet Tubman fought for Freedom and I thank her from the depth of my spirit!

“Don’t ever stop, keep going! If you want a taste of freedom, keep going!” Harriet Tubman





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