Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is the single most impressive human being of my life time.

Rush Limbaugh

I will miss Rush for the rest of my life!

Walter Williams

I first heard Walter  Williams guest hosting Rush Limbaugh. Wow, what I learned from him continues to be valuable.

Governor Christi Noem

The  common sense that pours out of Governor Christi Noem is simply put, normal to folks like me!

Frederick Douglas Jr.

I am from Rochester, NY. I have honored the life of Frederick Douglas Jr. all of my life

Candace Owens

In one word, POWERFUL!

President Donald J Trump

The best President of my life time,

Nuff Said!

Justice Clarence Thomas

What this man represents to people like me is the proof that others fought for concerning black America! This black American is amazing!
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John Stockton Fights Back

I am in contact with AttorneyTodd Richardson, his lawfirm is handling the lawsuit against Washington Attorney's General on behalf of John Stockton. I have invited Todd to share the information with the public via, "LET'S TALK ABOUT IT" my new live stream podcast....

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Let’s Talk About It (Debut)

Believe it or not I did not sleep well because of the way this stream ended up looking and sounding! I was going to delete it until one person made a positve comment. I will continue to make improvements. I never realized how much my entire body moves when I am...

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News and Opinion
Civil War USA-Immigration War-USA, Presidential Election War-USA, North and South Korea War, China, Taiwan War, Hezbollah, Iran, Israel War, OH MY!

Civil War USA-Immigration War-USA, Presidential Election War-USA, North and South Korea War, China, Taiwan War, Hezbollah, Iran, Israel War, OH MY! Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries and I talked about the Solar Eclipse happening on April 8th over the United States of America, His new book and why it matters! Why do the...

Thoughts on the Bible

Why in the world do another website?

From Christianity to Messianic, from Hebrew Roots to Judaism, getting a bit dizzy yet?

The experience I had in 2007 amounts to really one thing. My so-called salvation on October 6, 1977 is actually activation into service for the guiding principles spelled out in biblical literature. It took me years to get here. Nevertheless, America is my country, the GOD of Israel is my fortress! This amazing life granted to me is one of function and purpose. We are to be a light in the darkness, strength for the weak, and warriors for God’s Kingdom.

I have realized to live in fear of death is a bit different than living for truth! Truth never dies!

When I began digging through history whether political, biblical or just out of curiosity, I learned mankind has been fighting for freedom throughout the centuries.

This is very much our current reality and “Our Turn” to do what millions before us have had to do, fight oppression, tyranny, and injustice.

I decided not to use a religious denomination as a foundation, but rather, the obligations represented in covenant language following the GOD of Israel as my calling. I am a fearless citizen of “THY KINGDOM COME” committed and strengthened by my King and His statutes, commandments, and laws protecting life.

I am a political warrior as was virtually every patriarch of biblical history and a warrior for justice, liberty, and truth.

I am a product of freedom serving within the United States of America for such a time as this…..

This website is asking you to do the same thing. To be civically-minded, politically engaged, and to take back the land…..

Free From Fear!

Jeff S. Morton

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