Because I study the historicity of the biblical account and do everything that I can think of to place myself into the various cultures of the writers it is always fun to discover stuff!

Last week while sitting in our Shabbat Service in Gig Harbor it occurred to me the “Last Days” or “End of Days” scenario touted in several books of the Bible is Sukkot followed by Shemini Atzeret or a HUGE Seven-day celebration culminating with a NEW BEGINNING.

The mindset of tribulation namely great destruction is often the thing most believing Christian’s address. I contacted a couple of my friends, Pastor Joe Aymond, and Nathan Grapes. Joe responded, “Oh yeah, that’s my Shemini Atzeret Teaching.” Duh, I should have known Pastor Joe was ahead of the curve on this subject! Nathan added to it by saying, “Jeff the 3-year treaty broken during the tribulation is another pattern of Christ dying or broken.”  Nathan continued, “I am surprised you did not already make these connections!” Well Nathan dropped a bomb into my being when he addressed the treaty! The Bible never stops blowing my being up, ha ha! Most of Christainity is not connected to GOD’S Festivals! I understood immediately what Nathan offered!

Well, what I did not readily catch was Sukkot being a huge party in the end of days (as opposed to death and destruction) and Shemini Atzeret being the TIME of rest…Or as Dr. Dinah Dye will explain, “The King is enthroned, and order is established.” A New Beginning! This, I should have known immediately also (?)

Death and Destruction are always what the politically established foster among earth’s Kings and Kingdoms. Adam dealt with collapse during his “reign over the earth.” Moses recounted the seven-day inauguration event with the retelling of the life of Adam and the Garden (Temple) in Eden. Adam fell in the same way that King Nebuchadnezzar fell. Ancient Israel was not immune to political chaos. Moreover, Adam too was tossed out of the land before it was named Israel.

Solomon dedicated the Temple at Sukkot. The rereading of the Torah during the time of Nehemiah was done at Sukkot (Return to Jerusalem and temple rebuilding) Part-Tay Time!

I have always said that knowing the festivals is paramount to understanding the game plan. To clearly see the pattern supports what I shall continue to posit, ‘The End Times is the beginning of the Kingdom of GOD in the earth.’  Not only is the inauguration event planned but a party, hosted by GOD himself, is on the menu!

Jesus walked out of the grave to prepare these events none of which could have occurred if Israel (The Land, the People, and the Purpose) was not reconstituted. There is so much I would like to opine here but, time is against me now!

I see death as the door leading into the place of GOD’S presence, the place that GOD is preparing for us via the writings of ancient Israel. The Bible continues to prove itself. You and I are witnessing what must take place until the “Time of the end.”…

Followed by a seven -day party!

Jesus at Sukkot 

In the following article the author writes, “After the connection to the Land had been minimized and  overtook Sukkot as the greatest Jewish holiday, Sukkot retained its joyousness and appeal.”

I always chuckle when this type of commentary is offered ….Christ was the Pesach Lamb…could that be the reason Pesach became more celebrated back before he arrived?


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