I am convinced, The battle royal throughout history is the cry for freedom from tyranny!

I continue looking through historical information with a biblical lens the incidence of tyranical leadership. Whether through despotic psychopaths, monarchial nepotism, and or, wanna be gods! All assume control  through political power either through Church systems (in the modern era) or government dictatorship through mythological cultures of the ancient world.

All use fear, enslavement and murder to maintain control over the populace. I will continue to say, It is our turn!

The governments (Not so much through religious institutions these days, save Islam) around the world assume power over the citizenry and large scale death happens. This is why I think we are in the beginning stages of catstrophic death and war. Only this time we have biological, nuclear and genetic weapons……

Human behavior does not change. Lawlessness thru political tyranny are proof enough! Donald Trump was removing this sort of oppression imposed by government on what was a free people. The global push back against him is…..

A horrific, first time in human history that a global kabal is targeting one man with the help of American institutions that were transformed under the presidency of Barack Obama! “Change Has Come To America”


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