I have researched at nauseum the effectiveness of wearing face masks. I have compared the amount of annual deaths caused by the flu and I have looked at the information concerning the variety of Covid viruses. Moreover, I have analyzied the global media’s pontification(s) that never offer an alternative perspective. Consider the science of those against wearing masks just for a moment. (This will require a modicum of critical thought and retrospect.) Have you heard any opposing views concerning wearing masks in the same manner that you have been unindated with wearing masks? Have you driven down the road and seen any signs by any government administration declaring, “Masks do not work!” Have you ever wondered why the same urgency has never been part of the annual cycle of the global flu season(s) that kill thousands of people?

For me, I am in a constant state of abhorence as I watch every day people follow the government mandates about masks without so much as a thought or consideration to know why. What is being forced upon all of us can also be equivicated as a sort of dress rehearsal designed to determine just how damned dumb we all are? Supposedly, masks protect people from the virus that is now skyrocketing across the globe (according to the media) Does anyone not see the contradiction about masks protecting communities? It’s like hearing two lies and being forced to choose one in order to obey, in order to obey who?

I don’t trust the folks who are commanding me to obey. I don’t blindly trust lunacy against fact. The fact is, masks don’t do a damned thing! Otherwise, all of the sheeple following the media’s insistance would not be seeing an increase in the flu, the common cold, and covid, duh! The media is saying, “The increase is being caused by the folks who are not wearing masks.” In Washington state that would mean about two people! The media would have you now believe that Faucci was underestimating the lethal potential of Covid, yet he is their, “Go to guy”…Nevertheless, the science tells us that he was not! I know this to be the case because I did my homework.

I would encourage YOU to do your own research…My GOD, why would you not, It’s your life?

Incidentally, have you read the Barrington Declaration?


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