Personally, I wonder if our prayers are like a stench before the throne of GOD?  In my brain, the Mayflower Compact which led to the US Constitution serves as a place holder in time with regard to Royal Grants. What is a Royal Grant you might ask?….

“In the Bible two types of covenants are established between Yahweh as the great King and His vassals, whether individuals or nations: The Royal Grant Covenant in which the King, Yahweh, grants His favor without stipulation or obligation in a perpetual covenant and the Covenant Treaty in which Yahweh promises covenant blessings for faithful obedience but covenant curses/judgment for disobedience to the covenant obligations.  In the formation of a covenant both the dominant King and his vassal swear an oath in treaty form, thereby creating a covenant binding the 2 parties.  Each party receives a copy of the covenant treaty.  You will recall that in the Sinai Covenant the binding words of the covenant are written on the front and on the back of two stone tablets.  In the ancient Near East each party kept their copy of the treaty in their most sacred shrine.  In the case of the 10 Commandments both Yahweh’s copy and Israel’s copy were kept in the Ark of the Covenant. The standard Biblical covenant had 5 parts while secular covenants had six, including the witness of pagan gods, absent in Biblical covenant treaties (Meredith Kline)” —–Source Click Here



In essence, we are not keeping the commandments nor are we keeping the American agreement presented to a Godly people. Our Nation was born from the prayers raised up by those people. Who are we to allow this compact to be tossed under the bus? America, born from the prayers of faithful people, who persevered through unbelievable difficulty. Their sacrifices and fight cannot be lost to those who would see her death. Those individuals, political organizations and godless generations, who continue to fight against this agreement are also raised up in our nation. The fight for freedom has never ended.

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The entire book of Devarim or Deuteronomy is in fact a constitutional agreement (In modern language) about what is expected in the establishment of the Nation of Israel and the Grant GOD offered concerning the land. A book recommendation that opens the door to a different construct of what happened at Sinai is Treaty of the Great King by Meredith Kline. I will continue to espouse that were are not a new idea but rather the result of history. Every genereation is, in my opinion.

I think that because we have lost the understanding of the US Constitution and the agreement made 400 + years ago we are in trouble, as was the nation of Israel. The parallels are remarkable when you know the history. The lie and I do mean absolute lie now being promoted as truth, the so called 1619 Project is an attempt to stretch back thru time in order to erase actual history. The adversity to the miracle of life, freedom, and liberty is staggering! Truth never changes!


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