The Catholic/Christian dynamic of the account concerning Noah’s Ark is actually another “Wrong Turn” away from imperical evidence, largely ignored from the pulpits! As I study the ANE [Ancient Near East] historical and cultural realities offer a more substantive “Classic” account of what the writer(s) are utilizing in their lierary motiff. None of those writers are providing an essay in their understanding…..

The following is my deliberate attempt to cause in you to question how you have been taught to understand the Bible. I spend a lot of time reading scholarly work. My friend Jorge  asked me to take a look at the following. Knowing that I have tossed out the “Giant Boat” account several years ago, Jorge offered this paper. [I see more a cosmic recreation.] The following artcle examines better than I ever could, why!

Source: MarkandAngie Powell

Who among you is ready to challenge the Cathloic/Christian Dynamic?


An Excerpt:

“Unfortunately, due to our familiarity with the Noah story, the reader automatically equates theterm ark with an ocean going vessel.
However in comparing other ancient accounts of the flood, Sarna correctly notes: Highly significant is the fact that Utnapishtim built a ship and employed a boatman to navigate it. In contrast, the Bible speaks of an ark, a chest-like vessel having neither rudder, nor sail, nor any other navigational aid, and not requiring the services of a crew.
As has already been demonstrated above, there is no extant reference for tebah being used in Egyptian for the word boat, furthermore the shape of the structure also does not support such a conclusion.
As Cassuto explains:
Undoubtedly the Biblical narrative refers to such a structural shape and not to that of a ship. The sentence, and the ark went on the face of the waters
is not suited to a boat, which is navigated by its marines, but to something that floats on the surface of the waters and moves in accordance with the thrust of the water and wind. Similarly the subsequent statement the ark came to rest upon the ground; this is easy for an ark to do, since its bottom is straight and horizontal, but not for a ship”


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