I wanted to put my Co-Host , Dr. Dinah Dye [once again] in front of you newer folks (in my world) hoping you will get to know her work and what she teaches. In addition to her website, https://foundationsintorah.com Dr. Dye has 31 videos on Israeltvnetwork.com which I am purposely (a few ) posting here for you to check out!  For those who believe in prayer, https://onfireprayer.com/  and for those who want to better understand why GOD is  Returning to Eden  

Dinah Dye offers to the, “Meat-Eaters” -who have a passion to study beyond the Sunday concerts ( 🙂 )  a paradigm shift in how to critically examine the Hebrew Scriptures. That is to say, from Genesis to Revelation you may very well have a biblical epiphany!

  • Consider the “Garden in Eden” a Temple Complex? Similar to the US Capital building (and surrounding structures in Washington DC, or The Kremlin in Moscow, or British Parliament
  • Consider those who compiled the first five books of the Bible centuries after Moses death!
  • Consider Adam the precursor King and Priest for the coming nation, Israel
  • Consider Adam falling to a powerful king as opposed to a spirit/snake.
  • Consider “Wisdom” as the Spirit of GOD, the comforter, poured into the earth

For those who have not left the churches yet, thinking about leaving the church or who have left the churches because YOU want more and desire to understand the Scriptures from a perspective not found typically in the Sunday morning sermons, challenge yourself to do your own research and study! There are a few doors open in our life time that help you move into a different understanding of what GOD is doing other than or in addition to, what is traditionally taught.

Returning to Eden is a great place to restore what has been lost over these last 2000 years. By all means, take the Gospels with you!



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