Paul Wilbur at Jacob’s Tent (Bill Cloud) & Out of Ashes Ministries (Joe Aymond)

Mar 28, 2021 | Biblical, Bill Cloud, Pastor Joe Aymond, Paul Wilbur

This is how I spent Shabbat:

I met Paul Wilbur on a few occasions at El Shaddai Ministries several years ago (He gave to me a book) I watched yesterday the following video presentation on YOUTUBE a day after the event. What he shared about the churches returning to the Festivals of the LORD put a tear or two down my face. I was so tired that I chose to stay home and to not visit friends and folks during the Passover festival. I needed to rest. I spent the day watching Jacob’s Tent and of course, Out of Ashes Ministries. (Have to go back and watch the recording at OAM.) The congregation is going through the Book of Leviticus or Vayikra~~“and he called”

My on line service is Out of Ashes Ministries, Nuff Said!


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