We now allow the people who are broadcasting the need to inject an unknown ~ “Truck Full Of Sh_t” ~ into your body control what we think! You blindly wear a mask because the sign on the freeway says “Please Mask Up.” You condemn others who educate themselves on why all of the above is insane! I live stunned at what has happened to the strength, the dignity, and the miracle of America?


Thousands of people are pouring into our country from the southern border. Children are being raped, molested and abused or are wandering around in the deserts lost and alone between Mexico and our country. The lunatics allowing this to happen are telling our citizenry to mask up, take a shot while a large population of South America moves into our nation unabated, untested or worse!


The Liberal Socialist Democrats and do nothing Republicans are allowing our major cites to turn into homeless camps while mindless drones, on college campuses destroy culture, family and country. The track record of our government, being run by the swamp is killing one of the greatest nations known to humanity. The nutty Biden administration is now unilaterally crushing the 2nd amendment and changing the free election system of our Republic. Young adults have no connection to our History, Constitution and Declarations. Far too many are being taught to bounce from one emotion to the next.

The world has always fought against those who want to control others. The perversion of government is not a new phenomenon. Our nation is being attacked from outside and inside through political strategy designed to divide. I am certain that the MTV Generation will be stunned when nuclear weapons, from hostile nations and the collapse of the US government occurs. I am watching the policies being forced upon our so called freedoms, guarantee cataclysmic destruction.

Is Civil War in our country possible? Seriously….its a damn near certainty!

Meanwhile Black Lives Matter signs dot neighborhoods like Christmas decorations while black criminals are the new martyrs! Hollywood is now pansexual? The thing about Hollywood that is most amazing is the ability to represent, decadence, immorality and perversion as normal, acceptable and culturally important?

The Christian community speaks about judgement not realizing were in the middle of it…..most are waiting for an airlift, go figure? While all of this is on the prayer list, laws are being passed to crush Christianity; its amazing to witness this folks!

Legalized stupidity-

Quoting a 20 year old young man who said to me yesterday the following, “My Generation has made it a hobby to not have common sense!”

Intelligence was good while it lasted!







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