We held a public screening of the documentary, Uncle Tom Saturday night in Bonney Lake, WA at Myer’s Road Baptist church. I am guessing about 50 to 55 people gave a rousing approval (applause) at the end of the film. We had a good evening with the folks who attended. I was asked to speak at a couple of churches and if I would consider screening the moving in other locations, absolutely! We did not spend enough time getting feed back as it was late. We raffled off 16 of the documentary DVD’s and I sold the last several copies of my book, that I had on hand….All of the money collected was donated.

While there I met an individual who handed to me a brochure. I tucked the brochure into my pocket. Sunday morning I read through the brochure. I was ecstatic because, what the brochure is all about I have been speaking about for a year or more. Americans, especially our young people, high schoolers, do not know the history of our nation. What is taught in the public schools is, in my opinion, propaganda, revised lies, from revised history (yes, imagine that) and a sort of indoctrination away from the foundations that produced our nation. I am at a point whereby I think it is going to be a GOD event to save this country.

Nevertheless, while we have a chance what can we do now to stop the demise of America? The Freedom Civics course is a start! I could list a dozen or more movements to destroy the United States constitution. I won’t do that, not my point in this post. What I will do is tell you that I ordered the course, both the teacher’s and student handbook. I will go through the course and learn the material. Hopefully, I can get others to do the same thing and to start teaching young Americans, students the actual history. This is what is missing in the minds of our youth who are the next generation.

I think that what Rick Green is doing at Patriot Academy along with Wallbuilders (David Barton) and now, Freedom Education Foundation best represent those who are fighting back the cultural push to erase America!

I have posted a new tab with the links to Freedom Education Foundation course curriculum, please check it out, Thanks!


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