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  • The Oscars prove Leftism is dying!
Hollywood got a WAKE UP CALL on Sunday!
The importance of challenging, ok CANCELING Hollywood can’t be overstated.
Imagine Hollywood GONE! That’s getting easier and easier, because Hollyweirdos are doing themselves no favors.
Before I explain what’s happening with Hollywood using the Oscars as a metaphor, I want you to imagine 80 million people supporting a Conservative version of Hollywood.
80 million people ignoring the Oscars, the People’s Choice, the Golden Globes, and all their silly tributes to themselves. Instead, what would happen if 80 million people supported a different version of Hollywood and actually watched that version of an awards show?
Such an organization exists. Now what will YOU do to support something this important?
The Oscars proved that Hollywood is in its death throes. The numbers dropped again, and it was predictable.
Also strangely predictable, Hollywood tried something new. No host. Why? Because no one could pass muster. Hollywood couldn’t find one Leftists clean enough to host.
Remember all the controversy over Kevin Hart potentially hosting the affair a few years ago? And who can forget Ricky Gervais torching all the Hollyweirdos?
Ricky Gervais roasts Hollywood at the 2020 Golden Globes | The Washington Post
As it turns out, Conservatives aren’t the sanctimonious jerks Hollywood makes us out to be. Instead, it’s them.
Announcers and award recipients were told, “no mask-wearing on camera”. Interesting, given what Leftist politicians are saying. Funny to watch Hollywood buck the system because they need people BACK IN THE THEATERS.
Or do they? One article read:
And it was yet another big night for streaming platforms, as 15 of the 23 winners went to projects that— at the very least — simultaneously premiered on streaming services. Searchlight Pictures’ “Nomadland,” which received a hybrid-release on Hulu (DIS), took home the top prize of the night as Hollywood looks (sic) adapts to the changing industry.
Netflix (NFLX) walked away with 7 total wins, the most out of any other production house. Disney came in second with 5 wins.
Good news for the streaming services…temporarily.
But what happens when 80 million people move from those services to a service that is not a slave to Hollywood?
The focus on this year’s Oscars was said to be diversity and women. In other words, a hatred of men and a focus on race.
On the latter point, Hollywood didn’t want to relive the “Oscars so white!” scenario from a few years ago. Yet in another stroke of irony Hollywood accomplished “Oscars so white!” in glorious fashion.
The Oscars shifted Best Actor to the final award of the night. The move prompted many to assume they were accommodating Chadwick Boseman posthumously, and he would win the Oscar “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.”
If “woke” has taught anything, it’s that the worst story wins the award, regardless of talent. As one article put the scenario:
It made sense. It would have been a touching way to end the show, and to pay tribute to a beloved star who died last year of cancer.
Instead, talent won over “woke”, and the award went to Anthony Hopkins.
Again, another win for meritocracy.
Let’s continue our lesson for Hollywood by supporting our counter-culture answer.


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