Do your research my friends, learn the actual history *It does the body good*

The most amazing part about this entire post is that it is not about the Jews but rather, What GOD continues to do through…Israel and the children of Abraham. Question: How do you suppose all of the history below has influenced your understanding of the Biblical text …Important notation here… written by the people “WHO DID NOT GET IT?” My point, I think it a mistake to not acknowledge western failure in interpreting the Hebrew scriptures.

I understand this song in ways that cause me to tear up…when I listen to it:

For the record:
If you do not have a basic knowledge of

  1. Ancient Near East Suzerain/Vassal legal systems
  2. Ancient Covenant Government functions
  3. Understand ancient legal terms Like Son of Man, Son Of God, Brother and Loyalty (Chesed)
  4. Understand God’s Festivals (Or appointed Times)
  5. Axis Mundi
  6. Government structures (Temples)
  7. The Ancient Paleo or Hebrew Alphabet\GOD’s Alphabet
    😎 The word Adversary or satan
  8. The Constitution of Israel or Deuteronomy
  9. What sons born to Adam were kings
  10. Abraham was a king
  11. Paul never converted to Christianity
  12. What Torah is (Instructions)

Quoting scripture from a western lens via churches concerning Jesus is a waste of time when discussing the Bible with me. Unless you give him back his Jewish Heritage and learn why he did what he did through, and FOR ISRAEL

-Why the text is presented to humanity by Israel
-Why Israel is the place Jesus was born into, lived in and died at
-Why He was an offering, not sacrifice according to temple law
-Why He will one day walk through the east gate in Jerusalem
-And Why the Church System created Antisemitism, adopted the cross and buried the dead in and around the buildings


We probably wont have a long conversation. No Jew would put a cross on their building nor honor a Roman Soldier. (Ephesians 6) Non would put a picture of ZEUS in their Synagogue

Antiocus Epiphanes placed an image of Zeus in the Government structure that we call the Temple of Israel

Leviticus 21:11 (So why did churches start burying the dead in and around their buildings?) According to the research of Professor Skip Moen… “To Keep the Jews out”

The history of hell (Pogroms) against the Jewish people is remarkable, stunning, a travesty in the history of biblical revelation inflicted by many Catholic and Christian doctrines for nearly two centuries

The entire Bible is about GOD revealing himself to the Nations through Israel and the restoration of all things through…yup, Israel

If we truly understood this we would protect Israel with our lives. Furthermore, we would understand why Israel is the only nation in history

  • To be scattered all over the world, prosper where ever she has gone and maintain her identity for 2000 years while persecuted.
  • To have her ancient language (GOD’s language) restored
  • To be resurrected (1948) (3 years after Hitler-3 days in the tomb, interesting huh?)
  • To Maintain the Torah Portions and Haftorah

Worth watching and learning (Pastor Mark Biltz Replacement Theology)

And yes, I absolutely believe GOD is working in the churches to transform lives (This is his kingdom) Nevertheless, Israel is in covenant with the GOD of Abraham fighting for the Royal Grant. What is the church fighting for?

I do believe the following to be true (Thanks Big Daddy)



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