Blood Moons, Eclipses, Exist In the Kingdom of GOD, WHY?

May 28, 2021 | Biblical, Pastor Mark Biltz

I have always given credence to the blood moon phenomenon. For me, the fact that these exist at all is fascinating! I am not so much into the prophetic implications that I once was however, I do see validity in why they exist. I have learned through John Walton that the ancient writers and societies were more concerned with “Function & Purpose” Presupposing GOD is of this ilk…the eclipses would then serve a function and a purpose. Perhaps Mark Biltz really is onto something….I have always thought this to be the case

I was asked to consider watching the 2nd half of the service at El Shaddai Ministries with Mark Biltz (Who I have learned so much from over the last several years) I have huge disagreements these days with the direction my former pastor has gone in. Nevertheless, I do not discount the fact that solar and lunar eclipses are the creation of Almighty GOD. I think more-so today that the Kingdom of GOD is organized and communicating to mankind through a variety of methods. Most notably, Israel.

I did find the 2nd half of the service interesting….less the prophetic implications and prophecy hype. For me the eclipses and biblical calendar contrasting world events is just to prominent a thing to ignore or cast aside as foolishness…and so it goes!

For the record…I actually miss Pastor Mark and I absolutely believe GOD revealed much to this man


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