My county here in Washington State just passed a resolution declaring the month of July LGBTQ month.

The nation is fighting against boys who identify as female from competing against and out performing young girls in high school, college and now the Olympics

The National Teachers Association is going forward with Critical Race Theory to be taught throughout the Public School System

RuPaul is Famous

The American Churches are feckless in the face of a another cultural shift away from law and order

The communist governments of the world are infiltrating the American landscape through academia, media, real estate, government and commerce

Islamic neighborhoods, ripe with Sharia Legal systems are growing across the country.

The southern border to the Unites States of America is being erased

Young people are embracing socialism, ignoring the historical failures, genocides, and political tyrants associated with every socialist ideology known to humanity

Kindergarten kids are learning how to masturbate, perform anal sex and understand sexual gratification

Racism, not freedom has become the dominant word within the changing culture.

White Americans, particularly men are being ostracized, ridiculed and or feminized

The police are treated as though they are the gestapo.

Social Media is crushing free speech

“Political Correctness” has given rise to a mentality that supports and defends safe spaces, shaming, emotional support animals, triggering, cisgender, diversity, equality etc, etc, etc!

Pornography and Sex Trafficking are Industries within the American landscape

Free Elections represent two words these days not the bedrock of our Republic

Small business is under assault! Corporate giants are rising up like 7-Eleven stores in many neighborhoods across the “Fruited Plains”

GMO and Farming are synonymous terms

Television has become programming not entertainment

Marriage is perverted while divorce is passé

I am running out of time to continue the list. However, I could for at least an hour or more add to the above! Our way of life is in serious trouble. I do not see a restoration happening in America. I see a destruction occurring!




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