I was stunned on Sunday to find out a friend and his wife are battling cancer (In the lungs) This is a very young couple who have two young daughters. The wife was diagnosed within the last few days. I also have a close friend, dare I say, one of my closest friends whose wife is battling breast cancer. A co-worker also is battling breast cancer, his wife has been diagnosed terminal. I met a customer who I really appreciated but, whose wife is also recently diagnosed with breast cancer as well. In finding out about the youngest couple the person sharing the info, well, she is now cancer free! Ironically, I had no idea this friend was battling cancer either (?)

I am a cancer survivor! I underwent 8.5 hours of surgery at Madigan Army Medical Center. The doctor who performed the surgery was not able to find the source of cancer in my throat. However, the pathology report determined the cancer started in my tonsils. I lost a small amount of the vocal chord, part of the base of my tongue, of course the tonsils were also removed. I have never thought the issue was extreme nor did I think I would die. Well, here I am, a survivor of Squamous Cell Carcinoma, interior of the throat 10 years later. The episode was not fun, trust me. The recovery was hellacious!

All of the women above are vibrant, wonderful people with children. I am sick inside considering what they are dealing with. I have never known as many people at one time who are battling cancer. This is terrible but, not the end of life or a death sentence. I am proof as are many people who have beaten this disease. I will pray for my friends and their families throughout the coming days.

I often wonder what we did to create the sort of illnesses that humanity is plagued with? I have to step back though realizing that sickness and disease are not new. I do believe the human body can recover from just about anything. I also believe medicine and natural treatments are both needed. We have so much polluted foods in the world that our bodies do not recognized what we consume as nutrition. Even the water we drink is so chemicalized that we are never, really, properly hydrated.

For all of those who are battling cancers…..I understand in part. Obviously, breast cancer is not in my wheelhouse of understanding (as a woman or mother.) I cannot imagine the inner turmoil of a young mother who is diagnosed with any cancer!

I will be dutifully praying for my friends, their wives and families….. I hate what they are going through!

As a cancer survivor, I have learned to do things and to investigate how the body works. For me, I have been doing several things different in order to feed my body what my immune system needs, not just my appetite. The following video is worth watching.


I have been taking Protandim for well over a year virtually everyday. I believe in the ‘STUFF’ that grows out of good dirt. I also drink Pau D’ Arco Tea. I do things to stave off cancer breaking down my immune system. I believe in the herbs that grow out of the ground that Protandim is and tree bark!

One day, while driving home a little voice in my head whispered, “Why do you think that I placed oil into every plant? My world changed again that day!” Yup, GOD created a pharmacy folks, for us!


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