Adam as High Priest and King, placed, (nûḥ) in Temple

Jul 18, 2021 | Biblical

I was watching the old game show, “Super Password” ( from the 80’s. The word was GARDEN and the players were trying to figure out the hidden word.
The following words were mentioned as they attempted to guess the hidden word
1) Beauty
2) Flowers
3) Eden
Finally, “Garden” was mentioned

Now that I understand Moses to have been writing about a Temple I see how ingrained the concepts born in Christian theology of a garden concept have so altered the meaning of the text. The folks on the game show identify the “Garden In Eden” as a botanical garden as opposed to a structure. This is what our concept is and has been for more than a millennium (Truly a “Hard Nut To Crack”)
There are several academic scholars who return us back to the concept of GOD placing Adam into a Temple (In what would become Jerusalem) as the head of HIS Government, or High Priest and King.

The Bible is telling a story that repeats over and over again. The audience(s) however, for the writers, is not you and I. A great deal of what is translated for us did not have to be explained to the ancient audiences living within a mythical world….Not Scientific and or Christian. The entire New Testament of Brit Chadasha is written within a Hellenistic culture. Christian concepts did not exist until Constantine for the most part.

Dr. Dinah Dye is preparing to challenge many of the Christian and dare I say, modern Jewish beliefs about Noah’s Ark in her upcoming book. Those of us who challenge the long held translations woven within Christian exegesis and theological world view eagerly await her final book in the series concerning “Temple Revealed”


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