Here is how I see it…….

No one is going to go to prison! The corruption, lawlessness, immorality and cultural demise going on within America crosses every border….no restrictions! The push back taking place against order, civility, decency and common sense is so dark, so heinous nothing makes sense. Furthermore, trying to follow the carnage happening within the social fabric that made our nation what is once was is becoming incalculable. Those of us who fight against the insanity simply cannot keep up with the decadence, dishonor and disgust going on. My daughter shared a story from Portland just yesterday.

“A prostitute was walking down the street with no clothes on her lower body unabated, Dad!” 

As much as I appreciate what is being uncovered via Maricopa County, Arizona as well as across the nation, I see a spiritual darkness moving through our country! So far, the decline in America is not arrested. In fact, I see the decent, American citizen molested daily! Our voices are ignored across these “Fruited Plains!” I cannot think up the sort of chaos on going in our country. My brain does not process this stuff!


Listen to “Ep. 21-277 – AZ Election” on Spreaker.


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