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Attorney Thomas Renz gives an update on his fight against Covid vaccine mandates and lockdowns and his mission to keep people “safe and free”. He discusses the faulty PCR tests which inflated the Covid numbers, the CDC and governors and big pharma who withheld effective treatments and coming class action lawsuits for negligent homicide at the least to outright murder because of their actions.

The conversation went to vaccine mandates and his response when asked what people should do if faced with a the choice of taking the jab or losing their job was to just say “NO”. No job is worth your life or being medically injured for life. (Donate)

This short interview covers a lot of the questions that are swirling around like why is the vaccine being pushed and who is behind the push, what does the vaccine do to the body, and who are the real super spreaders!

He also talks about what exemptions are available in order to avoid the vaccine. He believes the one that is most solid is a “firmly held religious belief”. For resources to get exemptions, click here and share them with those faced with this dilemma.

Mr Renz is a true warrior for our civil rights for medical choices. You can learn more about his fight at his website.  Mr Renz is known for his lawsuit filed in Alabama Federal Court on the behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors, when a vaccine reporting system whistle blower uncovered that there were 45,000 vaccine related deaths.



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