A must watch video presentation. This was so well done! I was the only Black American in the out door barn (Always a disappointment to be sure) Nevertheless, the folks who put this on are worth a standing ovation!

I was in the audience. I learned so much about how mail in ballots and algorithms and the Department of Motor vehicles here in Washington State are destroying your vote, by design!!!!!

I drove an 1 1/2 to attend this and found Dr. Doug Frank to be generous of spirit, honorable and a brilliant in his presentation of what is going on to steal the election, VERY INFORMATIVE

The former DMV Employee shared how voter fraud was initiated via licensing

Another witness (person) shared about how the census is being used to inflate the voter rolls

I learned so much about how the elections are being stolen…The amount of money that poured into Washington state from 2016 forward, documented was above the pale concerning controlling the outcome of the vote.

I could not post this using You Tube wizard which means they will probably take this down eventually. This too, is diabolical my friends




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