In 2007 I received a download which answered a prayer raised up for over 20 years. ‘GOD, Why do we throw the Jews under the bus and then proceed to study their writings?’
I searched out so many people after that occurrance who could help me understand what was swirling around in my head. Dr. Dinah Dye has been a pivitol influence in sorting through what I experienced.
To keep this short…Dinah sent to me a PDF copy of her third book in the series “The Temple Revealed


The Temple Revealed In Noah’s Ark–From Chaos to Order–                is now available!

Many of you have said to me that her work is difficult to understand. Well, we have a Christian, western lens of the Bible…Dinah is Jewish and was not raised with many of our concepts……it is completely understandable to me why the difficulty!
For me, just the opposite! I get what she has been saying/sharing in the same way that I understand the story of the 3 little pigs or Jack and Jill or Bazooka Joe!
To a Jew, Jesus is still Jewish. Dinah realized this in the late 70’s
Her third book is simple to read, far outside of the theological exegesis of the Sunday services and Western seminary. The book is a brilliant departure, if you will, of scholarly writing that none of us understand!
(Although, I have gotten much better reading scholarly writing, Ha!)
Her book also challenges just about everything woven into the last 1800 years of, “In The Beginning” from an historical perspective with actual, historical referrenced material, quoting a plethora of scholars and historians!  She sort of left the traditional narrative of the last 1800 years under the bus using diplomacy and her ever present gentleness!
The story of the Bibe is about real people not spiritual people (and the world they lived in.) We are a product of that history not a new thing!  I will continue to posit, ‘Its just our turn!’


Dr. Dinah Dye

is the second part of the miracle that happened to me in 2007

My connection to what she shares is not out of fascination or even admiration! Dr. Dinah Dye unscrambled my brain after I was miraculously shown the foundational concepts captured in the books that we now call the Bible! My appreciation of her work is without question!

The Temple Revealed in Noah’s Ark: From Chaos to Order Paperback – September 9, 2021


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