How-To-Not-Die-From-Covid-19.htm Is Covid 19 killing people or is it something much more sinister? As this plandemic wears on, more and more evidence is being revealed that faulty treatment protocols may actually be the killer!

How many of you have heard stories of friends or loved ones going to the hospital ER sick with covid and being turned away without treatment? Many are being told to go home and come back if they get worse. Then again, what about those who are hospitalized and beg for specific treatments only to be denied, mis-treated and then put on ventilators to die?

Word is starting to get out warning people not to go to the hospital “or they will die there”. This happened to a friend’s friend this week in my local hospital. She was terrified to go to the hospital but was so sick she had to. She was given Remdesivir and died at 59 years old from the fluid around her heart.

9/21/21So, what is the story about this “Fauci approved treatment”? Why is it being used when 53.1% of subjects died from it in trials? Why are early stage protocols such as Ivermectin, HCQ and Budesonide not being prescribed to keep people out of the hospitals? Why are these treatments not being employed inpatient? Why are doctors handcuffed into using these deadly protocols?

Dr  Bryan Ardis blows the whistle on what he calls the “Remdesivir Genocide” and puts the blame fully at the feet of Dr Fauci, the FDA and the CDC because they KNEW that Remdesivir damaged kidneys. They also knew, before the vaccine came out, that multiple injuries and death were expected from them. 9/21/21

If you or a loved one is considering hospitalization for Covid, you need to know the information in the videos and documents below and be ready to advocate for your lives!   


Dr Ardis’s Documents that he mentioned in his presentation have pretty much all you need to know about Covid treatments, vaccines and the medical fraud surrounding the Covid nightmare.


To further illustrate, the South Carolina Medical Subcommittee held a hearing on Covid treatments. Tracy Benz Diaz gave testimony, quoting studies, on the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin for prevention and both early and late stage treatment of Covid and the medical establishment’s unwillingness to even look at the data.




In a real-life case in the same hearing, Pressley Stutts lll, scorches the hospital where he states that his father was murdered! He begged the hospital to look at the FLCCC (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance) Protocol and was ignored and almost arrested for advocating for his father’s life! His story is not uncommon and is being repeated in hospitals across this country.




The overwhelming conclusion that we have to reach from the above testimonies and presentation is that “Freedom is the Cure For Covid”. Doctors must be given the freedom to treat their patients as they see fit for Covid without political interference, just as they treat their patients for any other illness. If given this freedom, I believe we would quickly come to the end of this global nightmare!   Subscribe for more “Patriot’s Informed” articles.


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