Addendum: FYI…It was thru Christianity and someone sharing the message of Jesus (Last name is not Christ) that I began this journey. I am grateful for that moment in time.
The Faith produced Hospitals, Colleges and a country! What we fail to realize is that Yeshua (Proper) is standing at the door asking us to “Come out” of what we have become. It is our turn to return!


Learning the Biblical account from a different mindset that is not traditional “Christian Think” has been one of the most liberating events of my life.
After tapping into academia and the researched, documented, historical, account by those professors and historians who have studied the uncovered/discovered material for decades is a huge contributor to my liberation.

Professor John Walton
Professor Sheila McGinn
Professor L Michael Morales
Professor Skip Moen
Dr. Dinah Dye
Professor Meredith Kline
Jeff Benner
Joseph Good
Professor Christine Hayes

A host of Jewish Scholars and Rabbis, both modern and historic

I could list dozens more!
My goodness, the amount of information is staggering! The amount of individuals who have spent years researching a single subject is also staggering!

My point:
When addressing what I have learned with the Christian Community in particularly Pastors, the rejection of ideas and unfamiliar conversation is almost immediate when it does not line up with their seminary approach or doctrinal, exegesis and hermeneutic! With regard to Jesus, (Yeshua) most are not familiar with his Jewish heritage, culture or the political reality of the world he entered!

Inevitably, most hang their hat on New Testament interpretation from Catholic origin born largely 1800 years ago!

As a child I realized the freedom in being Un-Colored by racism
Today, I am happy to say that I am free from keeping my LORD and Savior in a box that conforms to western ideology.
Learning to be a citizen, in the Kingdom of Yahweh is



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