“Life Insurance Companies Not Covering the Vaxxed”

A battle royale is brewing between Big Pharma and Big Insurance. And I’m sure the bureaucrats will find a way to profit on the fight.

According to Natural News, getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) could mean losing your life insurance coverage. Ouch! So not only do we “anti-vaxxers” have pure blood, but our insurance is valid? If you are among the great “unwashed”, I only hope your beneficiaries aren’t the vax Nazis. Because insurance companies will honor your policies.

According to reports, many who took the experimental gene therapy from Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” program are now coming to the realization that their death benefits have been voided. Apparently the life insurance industry considers the emergency use-authorized injections to be an “experimental medical intervention” – which is exactly what they are. Consequently, they do not qualify for a payout. Only vaccines that have undergone the normal testing and vetting process are covered, in many cases. Trump’s rushed-to-market injections, conversely, are not covered. “Some insurers are delaying applications if you are currently testing positive for coronavirus and need to provide medical evidence, but this does not mean you cannot apply again in the future,” reports indicate. It appears the Gestapo vaxxers didn’t think this completely through?

Consider the new bureaucracy over this nonsense. Nonsense, because as the vax have learned, their shots don’t work.

Adding insult to injury, the tests don’t work! So all these virtue-signaling a-holes get even more bad news. Among the questions that life insurance carriers are now asking their potential clients include the following:

• Have you tested positive for coronavirus?
• Are you currently in self-isolation?
• Have you had any symptoms of coronavirus?
• Have you been in direct contact with anyone who has been diagnosed or suspected of having a coronavirus?

“Note in the last question that it asks about having a coronavirus, not just the ‘novel’ coronavirus,” reports Principia Scientific. “This means that anyone who is testing ‘positive’ for any coronavirus, including the one associated with the common cold, could be denied life insurance coverage.” Answering yes to any of the above questions could result in an applicant’s decision being “delayed” until he or she has “recovered.” “The decisions may vary between insurers,” reports explain.

Talk about opening a can of worms. Testing doesn’t work, showing many false positives. But people could not be insured due to the Wuflu?

Remind me how great Obamacare is?

“If you like your virus, you can keep your virus…period!”

Democrats trapped themselves between a rock and a hard place. But I do know who will make more money: insurance companies and lawyers.



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