March For Freedom Puts Seattle on the Map

Seattle Protest: Victoria Palmer speaks at

March For Freedom

“What a thrill to lead the march of over 500 people from Westlake Plaza through Pike Place Market in Seattle on Saturday. We called this the Big One and it lived up to its name. After 8 previous marches through Pike Place varying in size from 30 to 100 people, the audience at the market stood awestruck to see this group follow me. Most were happy to see us, some shook our hands. A few showed their opposition with words or middle fingers. The police escorting us added to our legitimacy. We were an overwhelming force for GOOD.

Though ignored by mainstream media and, curiously, alternative media, the ripple waves sent through social media spread across the country and back. A friend tipped us off that a clip from our Seattle march was one of the first 6 national posts showing up on the new Truth Social feed on Telegram, posted by Trump’s team. I had family and friends from Ellensburg and the east coast find posts show up in their various social media feeds. Friends sent me clips from YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. Comments posted like “Yes, even Seattle is protesting” show how impactful our march was. We put Seattle on the map!”


Victoria Palmer, March For Freedom Founder

Please Watch and Share Video

A Very Important Message to Get Out

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Alternate link on Rumble

And you can still catch the livestream version of the march on CHD.tv linked here. Thanks to Audrey with Informed Choice for livestreaming the event!

Highlights from the livestream

13:30 Lauren Geertsen with Health Freedom For Humanity

30:30 KellyAnna Brooking with Turning Point USA

34:20 Frank Lee with Washington Common Lawful

51:15 Victoria Palmer with March for Freedom

1:11:00 the March begins!

Josh Del Sol was feeling under the weather and unable to attend.

We hope he gets well soon.

Thanks again to Kasey with Wake Up WA State for organizing. Join her at WakeUpWAState on Instagram, Facebook and Telegram.

IRIDA TV hosts Dan from WCRC to discuss why Boeing dropped its vaccine mandate


Dan shares about how WCRC partnered with thousands of Boeing employees and some Boeing managers to help the company reverse its decision on implementing a workplace ‘covid vaccine’ mandate. This fascinating video aslo shares about the pernicious American Rescue Plan act being used by government to control businesses. Lots of interesting information in this video

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated

How to Prove Wrongful Termination | Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A.If you have been terminated or put on leave, make sure to file for unemployment and make sure to submit the Constructive Legal Notice with your claim. While the state has not officially confirmed this, we are hearing anecdotally that those that demonstrate knowledge of the law, are getting their unemployment clams approved!

Also consider whether you want to take a stand by participating in our Wrongful Termination Legal Action Program. Launched two months ago, this program uses a powerful Legal Memorandum from Lawyer Luis Ewing to back your Legal Claim for reinstatement, restitution or to STOP termination. More than 50 people are currently going through the program and we are seeing early results. When confronted with our Legal Memorandum, they do not want to go to court and so, they negotiate!

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms Stay of Biden’s Federal Contractor Mandate

After hearing the government’s transparently flimsy argument that the Federal Contractor Mandate needs to be imposed to make the federal contractors more ‘efficient’ in that they would miss less work if they had the shot, the Court did not buy it. In its decision the court wrote “no one seems to have envisioned the Property Act as a latent well of authority to order the medical enhancement of contractor employees to make them more “economical and efficient.”

It is refreshing to see reason and logic prevailing at the higher court levels and is an encouraging sign for the legal work we are doing at the state level. Use this link to read the Motion to Stay

Connect For Support

Host a WCRC Support Meeting

Our King County meeting in Auburn on Sunday, Jan 9th was attended by nearly 100 workers and 5 of us from WCRC. King County Employees benefited from getting answers but also sharing connections with each other. Contact us to set up a meeting at your location or online. Small groups welcome.

Are you facing the Vax or Test requirement soon? Get other co-workers on board and contact us for a meeting.

WCRC Support Meeting in Renton

Tuesdays at 5:00 PM

We are happy to introduce new WCRC volunteer, Kathleen Moriarty. Kathleen was employed by the Port of Seattle until recently. She and some of her co-workers started meeting regularly and have been joined by others from City of Seattle, health care, and other fields. Join them for friendly support and basic legal questions. Guest speakers to be scheduled. Address is 3900 E Valley Road Suite 105, Renton 98057. Please feel free to share with anyone looking for support. For more info contact Kathleen M. at: kamoriarty1968@gmail.com or 206-465-4404 and WCRC.us.

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