• The economy sucks but, we are working on it
  • Russia is murdering a bunch of folks. My son and I tried to warn you!
  • Inflation is going to blow up the thermometer until I am out of office
  • Gas prices are “Going Through The Roof”
  • “Critical Race Theory” is now available in our schools and the kids don’t have to mask up
  • We will soon have a vice President
  • Donald Trump is going to be impeached again
  • We have truck parades now, cool huh?
  • The Southern Border has completely disappeared, we are looking for it!
  • Climate Change has been suspended
  • China will probably invade Taiwan during my presidency and yes, I got paid!


“The Pandemic is over, you don’t have to wear your masks anymore… You know, the thing! The State of our Union is good, and I met Brandon, God Bless the United States of Ukraine!”



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