I had the occasion to go to our kid’s grade school (Portland Oregon) and “GO OFF” when my kids were very young! The school administration presented a school wide assembly of Gay couples addressing the kids (Offering a different life style then traditional marriage.) I was pissed off to the moon because, they did this without advanced communication to parents. A women stopped me and said she was a member of the LGBT community adding that “We are in all of the school boards, PTA’s, National Education Association etc, etc to change the way your kids think about us! That was over 25 years ago! The world is not corrupt but rather collapsing against ALMIGHTY GOD…..You cannot find anywhere, where this is not true!

I was made aware in that moment that the LGBT community was a political group changing our culture, politically! The following documentary is but one aspect of the cultural shift that has been on going now for decades….

True to form, the wicked always come for the kids

Check this out:


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