My email to Harry’s Razors

I have been using Harry’s Razors for several years

‘I won’t be using your products anymore and will write about why on my website.
Ordering Jeremy’s Razors going forward.
“Business is business” politics does not provide razors and razors are not cancel culture champions, Duh!’

I am going to try out Jeremy’s Razors! Check out the intro to their new product line, it’s ridiculous!

And yes, I ordered Jeremy’s products. I hope their products are better than Harry’s, equal too or even a bit less than! Jeremy’s Razor has my business!

Pre-order Summary

Jeremy’s Razors Blade Subscription × 1
Delivery every 3 Months


The Founder’s Kit × 1



I first heard/read about this on WND. click here
I hope you will join me in supporting World Net Daily!
Good-Bye Harry!


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