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  • I have been kicked out of churches because of what I share (One church in particular met me and my family at the door and asked us to leave)
  • I have been called a judaizer because of my support for Israel and the Jewish people
  • I have been ostrasized by pastors and fellow Christian friends because of what I espouse and continue to learn concerning Israel
  • One of my best friends of 16 years “threw me under the bus” because, I started learning all of this (He later called and apologized when he started doing his own research to prove me wrong, lol)
  • I have been shadow banned, kicked off of Facebook, and told to go to hell because, I have given Jesus back his Hebrew identity and revisted the culture that he was born into. I know a different Jesus, if you will ♥

The vast majority of our Christian Community does not understand what Israel is. Most equate Israel to the Jewish State and or the Jewish people. Often, various scriptural references are quoted regarding Abraham….”I will Bless those who bless You”  etc, etc, etc. Most do not realize that Abraham is a continuation of the purposed Kingdom of Israel which the Bible begins to explain in Genesis 1:1. Most do not recognize the Kingdom of GOD under construction along with the laws, by-laws, statutes and commandments put forth in how the government of GOD is presented, not only through Adam or Noah but also through Jesus (Yeshua proper). It is sort of like a recreation event repeating (Too much to explain so I won’t make that attempt here.)

The rebirth of the nation of Israel was ordained and promised. The nations upon this earth do not have the ability to rescind this declaration. Most view Israel’s story through a religious lens or from a never-ending antisemitic prejudice. This alone is a glaring, IMAX, proof, positive that the nations of the world do not understand what Israel is. If the people on this planet understood why Israel is the only nation on earth to maintain an identity for 3800 years while scattered all of the world, to have an ancient language restored and to be returned to the “Promised Land” they would honor the people as opposed to castigate, murder and vilify!

I personally have switched how I understand the biblical text. I no longer couch the infinite wisdom that pours out of the scriptures from a religious paradigm. I am more and more convinced that a political dynamic based on political dynasties replete with governmental institutions, tyrannical leadership and political corruption are driving most books of the bible. The entire book(s) is/are promoting freedom from tyranny. Much of what each story offers is fundamentally rooted in behavior! I personally think that supporting what is happening in Israel through the hand of GOD is more important than what the Jewish people do or don’t do. It is by the hand of GOD that they exist at all…This is true for all of us! Israel is a bit different in that from the beginning this nation was destined to be the seat of authority for the Kingdom of GOD in this earth. What the following two video presentations offer is something for the Christian world to consider……..Okay, I am done!

Dr. Dinah Dye is my friend and former Co-Host. Rik Wadge (Who is the brain power behind Israeltvnetwork) and I have yet to meet. I have never met Reverend Gary Christofaro but have considered supporting Ezra international before. After watching these two special broadcasts I will be supporting their work. You see, I understand what GOD is doing through….Israel. For a brief moment consider how it is that you even have a Bible? Finally, when YOU support what GOD is doing ….THROUGH…. Israel, watch what happens to YOUR world!

Part One

Part Two


If you ever want to know how rooted antisemitism, born in the church is, consider this book:



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