I have been hoping that Black America would wake up for 40+ years. When you know the truth people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and a host of others, who are very wealthy are exposed! Where did their wealth come from if America is a racist nation, oppressing black folk?….(ding, ding, ding!)

The race riots were the result of black men getting locked up for crimes like Jay walking. The idea was to evicerate the black family by removing the fathers or black men. I started studying this when in the Navy. I soon learned that desegregation was absolutely going to happen so the idea was to control the econmic strength in the black community, remove the fathers! The riots which I lived through as a kid followed! These measures were put into motion via the Kennedy administration and solidified in the Johnson admin. Soon the welfare hand out system was ramped up to roll trucks into the ghetto with cheese, powdered milk, canned meat. What followed was food stamps. The welfare system offered 3 weeks work of food stamps to the black mothers who had to stretch out the stamps in order to get through the forth week of the month, dependancy followed! I watched our mother come to hate this system, we lived it! She would have to catch a bus to the welfare office and fight the system in order to renew her food stamps.

This was all done by the Democrat party in order to control the black population from spreading into suburbia. The Republican party had pretty much given up on black America by the end of the 70’s because black America was now trained to put a hand out for free stuff! We lost our fathers, our families, and our history….

Question, name 5 successful black Americans in the 1800 that prospered as opposed to 5 black americans who were slaves.

…YOU see, we lost our history and bought the lie! This women ought t to be saluted! Like her, I learned all of this when back in my 20’s.

And yes, I had an uncle named Tom!

Uncle Tom, The Movie:

Uncle Tom II


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