I met Pastor Joe Aymond a few years ago. He actually reached out to me having listened to our Podcast, “Returning To Eden” with Dr. Dinah Dye and myself. Over the course of time and many conversations with Joe, a long distance friendship was born with he and his wife Heather. I have yet to meet their children, hopefully soon! Pastor Joe completed a series which he titled, “Genesis, In The Beginning” My friends, before I go any further I would ask you to consider a passion of mine. Now, at 61 years old I have never been more focused or committed to a single thing in the way that I am today. Every waking moment I am busy in thought and action hoping to cause one Christian to take another look at the Biblical Narrative that is not born of western exegesis and or thought. I cannot tell you how many believers over the course of the last 14 years have said to me, “OH MY GOD there is so much more” once they start digging!…………..Okay, back to Joe……

In September, 2019 Nathan Grapes and I presented Professor John Walton here in Washington State. I asked the professor if he would come and speak via email. To my surprise John Walton agreed, excuse me?. We had about 80 people from around our area attend. Several from various states also attended the Lost World Conference. Joe and his wife Heather, along with several of their friends also attended. Nathan and I flew the Aymonds in for the conference. I was quite surprised at the number of their friends came with them, really cool!

I follow OUT OF ASHES MINISTRIES which is the congregation that Joe and his wife started. I tune in most Saturdays to listen and to learn from these people down in DeRidder, LA. One particular series they presented is without question reason enough for the average christian believers to consider going through. Last summer Joe walked us through his presentation/series, Genesis, In The Beginning. I think for the average person who wants to learn more about the scriptures this is a gigantic start. Sure, I could name several friends, teachers, and folks who are in the same lane as it were. Joe is a special person to me, I sort of connected with his spirit and emotion about why he does this over the course of these few years. I hope for those of you who are free from fear  will challenge how the information presented to us over the last 1800 years falls short in offering a much bigger picture. I think Pastor Joe has the ability to make comfortable, uncomfortable while at the same time he fills in hundreds, if not thousands of gaps in our understanding. I think this man has the ability to ease us back into a place of wonder!

Unfortunately, my co-host, Dr. Dinah Dye took ill during the conference, I asked Pastor Joe if he would fill in. Here is what that looked like. (He was not prepared to speak at the conference.)

Did I mention C. Hill? 



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Amazing , must see!


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