I have scheduled a conversation with Mr. Jorge Ramos which will be posted on Returning To Eden. I will share an interesting story on how I met Mr. Ramos during our discussion. Imagine finding Jesus, disconnecting from an extreme, radical, liberal mindset, discovering Torah and doing all of the above because of an insatiable deisre to understand Israel. Jorge was raised in a Catholic family who operate a successful chain of Mexican Restaurants. Jorge Ramos is also an attorney practicing family law (and a fast friend.) I have never known anyone to read and research the Bible and related study material like my new friend. I have considered a book reading page on this website based on the books that I have read but certainly as a result of the material Jorge has read! In fact, I have considered naming the page “Ramos Recommendations” It’s a thought that may soon be realized

We will cover a lot of ground in a short conversation-Stay Tuned!



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