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Several years ago I had a Jewish women (not Dinah Dye) explain to me why she believed Yeshua or Jesus was the Messiah. After her explainantion she said,

“And Jeff, we have never been Christian! My family heritage has believed Jesus was the Messiah as far back as the 11th century. We know him as a Jew and not in the manner that the church fathers taught the nations”

I am quoting her based on my memory of the conversation.

Jeff Morton, Dr. Dinah Dye

A few years back Dinah Dye said to me after reading the New Testament years ago,

“These letters are Jewish and Jesus is who I have been searching for.”

Her testimony on the subject has been shared many times with audiences around the country. What I find most interesting about her perspective is in the fact that she grew up a conservative Jew, was invited to teach in the churches and has managed to address her years of study and research in a non threatening manner. Getting closer and closer to 70 years on this earth, Dinah has devoted her life to sharing with audiences who are not afraid to combine the two dynamics and to look for common ground. Of course, her focus is on going back to the concepts that would have been in play during the writings of a very Jewish book that we call the Bible.

Dr. Dinah Dye, Professor John Walton

I once chastised a prominent speaker (Prayer Walker) for addressing the Bible as a Christian book. He was annoyed when I said to him, ‘Sir, not one Christian wrote any part of the Bible!’  Suffice it to say, for a brief moment, imagine being a Jewish woman in a Christian, male dominated, western seminary trained, environment trying to address hebrew concepts of the ancient world? Dinah has shared with me some intersting stories concerning “Push Back” from church leadership. Moreover, imagine being a Jewish woman who accepted Jesus the Messiah or Mochiach in a Rabbinic world?….It’s sort of like being a black dude who is uncolored and insisting on not being an African. Imagine that converation with Louie Farrakhan! I am to him, possibly a Mixed Up Devil? (chuckling!)

It’s a bit difficult at times for Dinah when addressing her research and scholarship because most of her audiences do not have the Jewish heritage supplanted in their religious lens. Unbeknownst to most, a subliminal, antisemitic, indoctrination is virtually primed into New Testament teaching. Namely, the Jews did not get it….but, let’s read the material that they wrote all about it, Ironic huh? Dr. Dinah Dye has a way of softening the revelation that comes when we, in the western world consider the ancient world beyond the Sunday sermon.

Dr. Dinah Dye, Eric Mataxas

I would encourage you to watch a couple of her series which can be found (click the link) on I think a good place to begin would be her series “FOUNDATION IN TORAH” Set aside any pre-conceived, long held beliefs, in order to connect with what and why she made the series in the first place.

I appreciate her wisdom and her ability. Thought to share my opinion and my friend with all of you!

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