While listening to the following message this person makes a statement that resonated with me like a bomb blast concerning marriages. At 7:02 minutes into the video Patrick BetDavid put a puzzle piece in place for me……

After watching the video I assessed a few things. Take my work place for example: My wife knows virtually none of my co-workers. Her work place and coworkers, I have never even seen or met. Yes, I know where she works but know only on person who she spends 8 hours a day with. When Nathan, my good friend shared this with me, what flashed into my head was a picture of a man and a woman settling a homestead having moved westward 150 years ago. The two had to survive together. I imagined logging trees in order to build a home. The two had to plant crops and produce food. There were no grocery stores, local malls or hospitals. The husband and wife had to work as one in order to sustain their lives and raise families. Divorce was not common, every household did not have one!

I remember watching Mark Levin explain how a water source, a plot of land, along with a man and women, would raise up a family that produced community, which produced government. He compared the process to cellular activity that duplicated under the right circumstances. He mentioned that if you take away the one element that was required for the process to succeed a sort of chaos would soon cause disorder and bring collapse!

As I listened to the following, I imagined the water being muddied, the land being over used, the husband and the wife divorced, the family broken and tattered. What sort of community and government does this create?

My wife and I know one another based on surviving chaos…How long can we or any of us survive that sort of relationship? The video below itself, is chock full of additional wisdom. Thanks Nathan for sharing


Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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