The fact that our (Majority) government politicians do not investigate the Antifa connection to the Capital riots is appalling to me. Not that I would even give a hoot about any investigations conducted by any government institution!
I do not trust our Government at all-Republican or Democrat! The pillars of our institutions, our education system and journalism are defunct, communist or socialist or just failed. They are not what our nation was built upon.
The Democrat party in particular is leading the charge to complete “Change Has Come To America” Donald Trump showed to all of us just how insidious our government is…not becoming.
The amount of people who instigated violence, against public officials and riots in major cities that are elected to office is staggering! These same people pushed for a second impeachment having done far worse then the fake charge against Donald Trump…Appalling.
Folks it truly is our turn to throw some tea into the harbor!
I am outraged!!!!!!!!
Okay, for the record: This is my opinion…
If the Christian Church takes a stand against the Tyranny enveloping our nation it cannot do so with the same message that is causing the churches to collapse….Going to address this in greater detail as soon as I have time .….


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