CloutHub’s Decision to Post Mike Lindell’s Video on the 2020 Election

This morning, Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow published a documentary titled “Absolute Proof”. In “Absolute Proof,” Mike lays out what he believes is evidence of election fraud. Immediately, the legacy platforms began to delete this video.

Free speech and open debate are crucial cornerstones of a properly functioning republic. The right of every individual to speak his or her mind on the important issues of the day should not be compromised – it is an inherent and foundational aspect of a free society.

We are deeply concerned by the move of other platforms to remove Mr. Lindell’s video. But we recognize that being a place for political debate is not their focus. CloutHub is a platform created specifically as a place for people to address the civic, social and political issues that impact their lives, communities, freedoms, and country. As such, CloutHub is where topics like those raised in Mike’s video should be brought forth, discussed and debated.

For this reason we earlier today elected to post Mike’s “Absolute Proof” video on CloutHub. CloutHub doesn’t shy away from the tough issues – we welcome them. In a free society, which America is, the public deserves to hear the views from all sides of the political spectrum on the important issues and form their own opinions.

Ultimately, every citizen of America has a right to have their voice heard. That’s what America has always stood for and championed for all citizens throughout the world. We welcome those who wish to counter Mr. Lindell’s video to post their video or counter evidence on CloutHub.

You can find Mike’s video here.

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As a free society, we should have the confidence to hear differing opinions about the issues that we all care deeply about.

It is for that purpose that I created CloutHub – so that you, your children, and future generations can look to social media as a positive tool where we can bring people together, spark discussions of differences of opinion in respectful ways; engage freely in open debate; refine ideas towards workable solutions; and create methods of action in a way that enrich our lives and country.

I hope you all will support me in CloutHub’s decision to rally behind Mike Lindell’s freedom of expression.

I wish you all a great weekend.


Jeff Brain, Founder and CEO



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