Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 19 February 2021

“The first thing we should acknowledge in this catastrophic week is the death of Rush Limbaugh.  He is responsible for millions in this country having their heads screwed on straight, in addition to being the funniest, friendliest radio host in the history of the world.  My mom never missed his program, and I’ll not forget my dad rising from his chair to give Rush a private standing ovation after a particularly brilliant segment.  Word is that the attackers started mocking him and his death immediately.  And we’re the bad guys!

Texas made a down payment on its actions toward “going green” this week.  There had to have been untold suffering as temperatures hovered at zero Fahrenheit.  It would have been a joyous time for everyone, but the power was out.  The cable was out.  The Internet was out, and there was no heat other than huddling under blankets.  People were down to body heat, and millions had no way to prepare food.

We’re undoubtedly going to be hearing lots of stories of bare survival, assuming the masters of tech don’t ban them.   The whole episode flies in the face of the propaganda they demand we repeat.

It’s not like this never happened before.  Something similar happened way back in 1983, but it wasn’t nearly as memorable.  Maybe that’s because we didn’t endure four, going on five days without traditional sources of heat, or any other vestige of civilized life. Maybe the “renewable energy, save the planet people” overlooked a thing or two.

Presumably they never thought of what would happen if their beloved windmills froze up, crippling the grid, to hear the news explain it.  It’s all so logical.  Turns out the water treatment plants need power too, and so do people’s aerobic systems.  Hmmm.  Try not to think about it.

Boil water before drinking, the water treatment systems are not exactly up to speed, and drinking contaminated water could be very serious, say all the news breaks over battery radio.  Where are we?  Is it Venezuela yet?  Well not yet, but the green brigade is just getting geared up.  And do they have big plans for us!

The UN just released a report describing all the things we “must” do to avoid a global warming catastrophe.  You mean this isn’t one?  These geniuses lack good sense!

It seems every time there is a big “green” push to manage “global warming,” some ice-age phenomenon comes along.  Some years ago they had a big global warming conference in Germany with all the attendant scientific experts.  They nearly froze to death.  Attendees had to walk to the conference center, and then stand in line.  It was perfect.

Then there was the case of the scientific research ship that headed from Australia to someplace they shouldn’t have been.  They were going to collect data that demonstrated the ongoing blight of global warming.  Their ship was encased in ice, they had to be rescued by helicopter.

So this week we had another big event, just hours before the power grid failed spectacularly. I’d never have seen this, except for the golf tournament on CBS.  They kept promoting that night’s episode of 60 Minutes when Anderson Cooper would interview Bill Gates.  No need to watch the segment, unless you just want to wallow in the flow of intellectual vanity.  Yours truly would dive across furniture to get them out of my house.  Don’t quote me, but Gates says something along the lines of, “Everybody has to stop what they’re doing and develop a strategy for achieving carbon net-zero by 2023,” or some such.  A few hours later, the power went out.

The temperature plunged to extremes that undoubtedly caused untold suffering, given the lack of heat.  They’ve already said 40 some died of carbon monoxide poisoning, trying to keep warm and resorting to desperate measures.

It’s starting to look like there’s some connection to these geniuses trying to panic everybody about rising temperatures, and an imminent freeze.  “And showing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”  It’s almost like Divine intervention.”


Free From Fear writes: I watched about 80 seconds of 60 Minute STUPID!  https://youtu.be/bNKdlnoAqIs Bill Gates is NUTS in my opinion (This is what I see when watching Bill Gates)


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