I will have a discussion with Pastor Joe Aymond (https://outofashesministries.org) on Saturday morning Live on their YOUTUBE channel and their Facebook Channel as well as their website (Live) link.8:00 AM Pacific-11:00 AM Eastern [Check your time zones] I will be sharing on appreciating the Biblical writers more
and how we can have a greater appreciation for who we are today because of them.

I hopefully, will better explain my thoughts of Kingdom politics and why American politics matter
Hope you join in ~8:00AM Pacific~


Also, the merchandise page is now up I will add more material in the coming days (Thanks KT Graphics)
Your purchases support the entire thing that I do
Thanks (I have two orders already)

Having a great time in DeRidder, LA
(I have never seen, up close, the aftermath of Hurricane damage until now. The tops of trees are gone everywhere. Crazy!


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