My wife, Michele is totally comfortable staying at home and working on her hobbies and crafts in her down time. Michele is not the out going type like me. I actually would love to fill my home up with friends and family on a regular basis. In fact, I tend to be starved for company and or get togethers with friends. I struggle doing the church thing because, doing so does not change much. On the outside of most churches is the destruction of culture, the brain washing of children and the desecration of women. The public arena is in chaos and decline…while the folks in the assemblies are asking Jesus to take the wheel!


My biblical understanding is that GOD gave the wheel to us and so I tend to shy away from the church system that allows the governments of men to “BITCH slap” their religious institutions voiceless! Hence, I miss the relationships but not the “do nothing” mentality.

Getting involved with the local politics is something I think we must do in order to change just about anything. The political arena is where the societal decay is born! When lunatics are running government, lunacy follows. The problem for me is the lunatics are well oiled while the opposition, which would be the sane folks act like a puzzle scattered all over the galaxy, drifting further and further from connecting!  I  do not have a place to call home when it comes to fighting, STUPID!

              The Homeless and the Illegals are Wuhan free apparently!

Uh oh, Asian racism by white supremacist’s (CNN liars) is popping up all over the media. Looks like they (The Media) have found another measure to divide while cramped, illegal kids are in cages along the border! Yeah, I know…YOU~ have not seen that news story on the networks. Time to go see if Biden fell again or miss spoke or remembers his name…Have a great day!

PS, I am trying to find a place to fight back with folks who are committed to order, truth and decency….The NRA, nope-The Republican Party (Oh hell no) Dennis Prager and Prager U…yes!

Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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