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America’s Frontline Doctors Are Suing Secretary of HHS

(+ vax does not prevent you from getting covid)

This lawsuit addresses kids, but NO HUMAN should be a guinea pig. That’s what the Nuremberg trials were all about. Please know that this shot is 1) an injectable medical technology 2) never used on humans 3) is considered a medical procedure 4) affects every cell of your body and is known to affect up to 28 tissues in the body [think autoimmune, cancer], 5) was allowed to skip animal trials, 6) is not FDA approved, 7) is completely experimental and no one knows what the long term effects will be, 8) the technology is self replicating without an off switch, 9) given with no informed consent, 10) is adversely affecting hundreds of thousands of people, and killing thousands (see VAERS and Yellowcard stats). I am completely dumbfounded by the fact that you can walk into a Safeway or Rite Aid and have this medical procedure, that affects every cell in your body, done to you like it’s no bid deal. It’s a very big deal, especially since the safety and efficacy of this shot are already being called into question (this shot has caused more deaths in 4 months time than has been recorded of all vaccines together in the last ten years in VAERS–and these are only the accepted cases, which is 1-10% of all cases). That is significant.

One last thought about the shot. There is a lot of confusion circulating stating that the shot prevents you from getting covid. THE SHOT DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING COVID. IT DOES NOT PREVENT TRANSMISSION OF COVID. The only thing the shot was designed to do was lessen your symptoms if you get covid. Fauci has even stated this and so has pharma but the mainstream news perpetuates this idea that once you get the shot you are protected. This is not accurate and you can still get covid after receiving the shot, which is evidenced by many vaccinated persons. Now, are they testing positive because they have covid, or are they testing positive because the spike protein is replicating in their system, or or something else entirely we don’t know. The point is, please don’t think that if you get the shot, or have received the shot, that you are protected and immune to getting covid. That is a false assumption. Plus, you cannot rely on a vaccine to be your immune system. What you can do that has worked is keep your wonderful, amazing immune system happy and healthy. So eat well, sleep well, take your vit D and C and zinc and NAC and other supps, find peace and laughter, and don’t fret because there are many known treatments that work, and many doctors are celebrating these treatments and their successes!  






XAVIER BECERRA, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, AND John & Jane Does I-V; Black & White Partnerships; and ABC Corporations I-V,


Today America’s Frontline Doctors filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against the U.S. Secretary of the U.S. Department of HHS, Xavier Becerra.

Here’s why:

Children are not guinea pigs: There is a statistically zero percent chance of young people dying of COVID-19. To promote an investigational product that has no long-term studies and no animal studies, to pressure parents and teens to use an experimental product that has not been fully approved by the FDA breaks all of the rules of medicine and the HHS’ own goal to protect Americans.

The expansion of the Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) for younger children is all risk and no benefit. HHS is ignoring the science and the data.

HHS is betraying its mission to, “enhance the health and well-being of all Americans…and by fostering sound, sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health, and social services.”

Sadly, millions of parents are being misled by HHS Secretary Becerra and the FDA, and we are calling on the Federal Courts to stop Becerra and compel HHS to suspend the promotion and rush to administer a vaccine that has not been fully tested and approved.

COVID 19 Vaccine Side Effects: We’ve never seen this level of side effects for any vaccine without the FDA taking action. The Rotavirus vaccine was canceled for 15 cases of non-lethal side effects and the Swine Flu vaccine was canceled for 25 deaths. But now, by the CDC’s own data, we are seeing a 12,000 percent increase in deaths with these vaccines and they’re still promoting this to our kids.

Support the Science: Under the age of 20, the survivability rate for COVID-19 is 99.997 percent. More than 4,000 deaths have been tied to the administering of COVID-19 vaccines in the last four months as opposed to 1,500 total in the previous ten years for all vaccines.

This last fact alone should be enough to STOP this dangerous vaccine. But HHS, the FDA and the CDC are ignoring the science and they are putting the lives of our children on the line. Thousands of doctors and physician groups across the world are demanding the vaccine rollout be stopped. But America’s Frontline Doctors is the one group that is suing to make sure that the government does not continue down this dangerous road.

Please consider assisting America’s Frontline Doctor’s today with your gifts of support. Your donation of $25, $50, $500, or more will support our critical efforts to hold our elected officials accountable, inform parents, and protect children from harm.

Thank you for standing with us again today.

For Liberty,

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Dr. Simone Gold
Founder, America’s Frontline Doctors


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