My good friend, Michael Ortega who is the servant behind Strike Force of Prayer has put out good information which I thought to share. If you are a praying person you might consider becoming a part of what they are doing across the Globe.

People are getting hurt and in many cases killed via the vaccine (Click Here) ”

“What happens when the cure is more dangerous than the disease?

Soon millions of Americans will find out.”

Those of us who research the truth don’t get our information from the media. The truth is not in the media…My GOD people what happened to you learning about a matter of life or death for yourselves? Where is critical thought and pros & Cons in your common sense registry?

I posted the following information 4 days after FREE FROM FEAR  went live “Truck Full of Sh_t” Two British women broke down the Astra Zeneca vaccine ingredients. I think the vaccine will kill large numbers of people in the not to distant future….I am profoundly sad!



Saturday, May 22, 2021

Please do your research.


Liberty Counsel on Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

This video is the first of 2 interviews that Joni Lamb hosted with Dr. Tenpenny as her guest.
Dr. Tenpenny discusses the specific mechanisms by which the Moderna, Pfizer and J&J vaccines can harm or kill you.

20 Mechanisms of Injury

 Dr. Stella Immanuel


“This video explains why they are so desperate to ‘test’ every
man, woman and child. We always suspected it was about
gathering DNA, but this is what they plan to do with it.”

Bio-Coded Directed Energy Voice to Skull (V2K)
Transmissions via DNA Resonance

Dr Mukhopadhyay from MD Anderson first discovered mebendazole has potent anti-cancer activity in lab experiments in 2002.,fenbendazole%20with%20or%20without%20meals

Malaria Drug Successfully Treats 26-year old Brain Cancer (1.17.2017)

Grandfather Claims Drug for Dogs Cured Cancer


Rob Scholte Museum 
Black Goo, the demonic substance that is used in some of the most strangest places. Starting with Mecca and even with Vatican.
Disclaimer: This interview contains information which does not represent the beliefs or values of the ministry of
Israeli News Live and is provided for deep investigation of the occult practices


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