Okay, here goes: Personally, I don’ care what denomination you are. I could careless if you are a Christian or a Jew. It matters not to me how you think about GOD and the Bible. I do appreciate your Faith and your commitment to HaShem…


Israel is fighting for the covenant, a Royal Grant (I just lost most of you)…Big difference huh? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris walking into the presidency by  theft…Yup, we put up one helluva battle to stop that huh?

TAKE A SEAT, I ain’t finished!

What matters to me is whether or not you understand the text that the writer is conveying and or the context of what the folks who organized the Biblical literature, at differing time periods, considering the cultural ramifications that changed over time, is addressing. I keep undoing the lunacy that has spanned centuries denying most of us the understanding of what GOD is doing through Israel, for the nations!

It matters to me that you recognize , “We Are Not The Audience” of any biblical scribe. We cannot impose out paragraphs, outlines and “Micro Soft Word Templates on the text. We certainly cannot listen to a Sunday morning sermon and disregard to academic, scholarship that is not part of the sermon. Worst of all [AND I DO MEAN WORST]..We cannot disregard our obligation to do our own research which involves peeling back layers and layers of history, revised history and undoing the replacement theology, anti Semitic doctrines that have many of us against anything Jewish and the people who presented the information to the entire world

I know that Paul would look at much of what we have raised up in the churches with incredulity but, the average Christian does not even think this to be possible. While the average Jew does not know the writing of Paul…or Shaul proper

I am striving, with all of my imperfections to be an eternal citizen of the Kingdom of GOD. Becoming a naturalized citizen, grafted into the covenant structure of GOD’s order of things is the task….I am not saved by grace! Rather I am obligated because of grace.

The video is soon (When I have time….OMG, I need more time) Finally if you think satan can stop me, well, its probably because you are a Christian and not a citizen! Time to wake up and join the battle. Just like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Deborah, Esther, Mordecai, King David, all of the disciples, John the Baptist, and Yeshua (Jesus)  himself we are fighting Politicians people!



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