I have known about Izzy for several years and his Institute (I have not learned much about him or his work)

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“At first glance “The Scriptures” is an attractive Bible if you’re wanting to get closer to the original. It features a literal pro-Torah translation, highlights our Hebrew roots, and claims to be Messianic. Many people like this version because it meets their need for a personal Bible they can carry around and read from every day – it’s the whole Scriptures, looks and feels really nice, and is widely available in a variety of hard copy and digital formats. It’s also appealing how the publishers at the Institute for Scripture Research come across as humble and sincere believers. With all these things going for this version you may be surprised to hear that I emphatically do not recommend it. Even if you like The Scriptures, would you allow me to show you some of the serious problems and misinformation behind it?”

Izzy Avraham https://holylanguage.com/founder.html


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