When writing Un-Coloring Race back in 2010 the myriad of thoughts moving through my spirit were so numerous that it was a bit hard to focus at times. Nevertheless, the core thought was “Colored People” are created people! Ultimately, the idea was to un-color STUPID! Racism, Bigotry, and Antisemitism are stupid when juxtaposed to the beauty of color. Human nature is attracted to the beauty of color accept when Racism, Bigotry and Ignorance are represented. Hence, the Ku Klux Klan and now, Black Lives Matter (within America) representing a commitment, fundamentally focused on stupidity!

Anti-Semitic rhetoric was born and promulgated primarily within religious dogma and biblical ignorance and, so it goes. The imperfections within humanity are also too numerous to jot down in a book or two. Well, I wrote the book in order to fight back, stand against, and scream out-loud against the cultural ignorance. No child is born a racist, a bigot or anti-Semitic.

As a conservative I am fighting the same stupidity within the political landscape. In the eyes of stupid people, conservatism is a White, Republican, Christian who clings to an outdated document and a book written thousands of years ago. For me, I think conservatism can be summed up in two words, Common Sense! I know many Asian Americans who work their butts off using common sense as a means to an end. I know black folks who understand hard work, education, personal accountability and decency. I know Latino men and women who understand family, marriage and who have a fantastic work ethic! I know white folks who are fighting mad at what is happening to our country! Many have lost sons and daughters, mother, fathers, sisters and brothers fighting for the freedoms America offered to the world.

My personal belief is when these people groups come together the stereo-type, media promoted, and ever present stupidity is shattered. Moreover, the conversation within the Republican party, full of moderates who push against the conservatives have no choice but to sit down and shut up! Furthermore, when we stop talking about race and start representing the colors of our flag, the common sense found within our Declarations and Constitution guarantee opportunity to meet like minded people of every ethnicity. “White Privilege” is not the reason millions of people from across the globe poured into the United States of America, legally!

I watched a young Asian women address the Pierce County Republican Party at the Lincoln dinner here locally on May 29th. Her name is Michelle Le. I knew that I was going to meet her because she represents exactly what this entire post is about. To my surprise, Michelle is far beyond what I too am hoping to do. I spoke with Michelle yesterday by phone and will meet up soon. Here is a snippet of what Michelle is doing to bring conservatives together in Washington State https://www.wa4change.org/

Michelle Le and her family did not struggle to come to this nation because of white privilege’s [whatever the hell that means?]

Michelle Le told a story, her story about coming to America. She spoke about the difficulty and the determination of her family’s getting here. Her story is compelling and not uncommon.

The reason that I am wanting to continue screening the movie/documentary “Uncle Tom”  presented by Larry Elder and others is because the story is not about race but about determination and taking advantage of what so many have fought to protect. The story of America is not one built upon racism, and bigotry. The story of America is based on freedom! Michelle Le understands this better than BLM or Antifa are capable of comprehending. This is the difference between those who fight against our freedoms and those who fight for it-ignorance versus common sense, respectively.

I think the polarization that we are seeing in country is more to do with lawlessness versus law an order. For me and people like Michelle Le, its not possible to compromise between the two!

Now about the Conservative Latino and Conservative Black and Conservative Native people in Washington State? I will be putting together another screening of the documentary, “Uncle Tom” in the coming days. Black Conservatives are not who the media portrays. It’s time to do our own portrayal of who we are, Uncle Tom is a tool towards that end within the American Black Community, all are welcome to come and see a reflection of truth!

Come together, we must do!


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Amazing , must see!


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