If we don’t fight back, push back….we can’t win!


As I watched this video I wanted to create a video myself demanding we fight against the Global Media that is become anti truth. I want to stand on street corner holding a sign with the following ‘Satan (adversity) and the Media are one in the same!’ I want to scream at the, “Do Nothing People” Get off of your asses and fight back politically in your local community! I wanted to demand that churches stop bowing to the culture of depravity and stand up for Godly Wisdom. I am here at my desk with a quadrillion thoughts moving through my body at the speed of light. My left knee is on fire due to the 24 hour work day that I had beginning on Monday which ended Tuesday morning at about 4:AM Yup, worked through the night up and down a ladder with excruciating pain towards the end of the run…still has not subsided.

I guess I tore a few tendons 8 months ago and have continued to do everything that I do in spite of the injury…It sucks

I met Cindy who is a bit older than me who is also saddened at the state of the churches today. I get it and I get her! Cindy sent to me the information below…. Eventually, I rested on this single fact. The citizens of the world are heading towards a fight, a global fight against an historic truth….Political Tyranny! You are either going to be marched into a gas chamber or worse or you are going to fight unto death for freedom! I take great comfort in knowing that many are ready to fight. Additional information click here

The churches that bow LGBT and BLM  culture are just DUMB. Voting based on skin color even more stupid! Defund the police, are you kidding me! Boys competing against girls, what in the world happened to wisdom?

Consider this: The Jewish Disciples fought against a system that would not allow you, all of these years later, to exercise your faith! It truly is your turn to fight for the generations to come.

Thanks Cindy B for sharing the information below


Just Click The Pics

Amazing , must see!


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