Rick and I in Peru

Several years ago Nathan Grapes and I raised just over $5000 to support the home for girls in Arequipa, Peru. I was excited to be able to hand deliver the donation in person. I remember flying into Lima, Peru at night. I was stunned to see the city lights from the airplane. I felt like I was landing in Los Angeles, having no idea Lima was as vast a city as it was. Nearly eleven million people live in Lima alone. I also found out that Peru is the oldest country in South America.

Several people came together to help raise the money! I remember all of you!

I met Rick Daviscourt while walking into El Shaddai Ministries. Rick was fresh off the plane from Peru (as I later found out) and wanted to visit El Shaddai Ministries before traveling to his home (at the time) in Tri cities area, Washington State. Over time, I met Rick’s wife, Mary and became friends. Our friendship is long distance to be sure but, one that endures!

The story of how Rick ended up managing a girls home in Peru is one that only he can share. For well over twenty years his team has rescued young girls from some rather horrific situations. He is very careful to not share the stories of some of the girls. What little Rick did share with me was difficult to take in folks. When I was there 20 girls were living in the home. I think only one of the girls was 19 years old most were preteen. Rick does not refer to the home as an orphanage. While there, I never felt like I was visiting an orphanage either!

Been a few years now, these girls are older having been raised in a safe place ♥

Reading the latest newsletter was disturbing on so many levels concerning the Wuhan Virus now spreading through the home. I have since done some research into how this horrible virus is affecting Peru based on Rick’s latest newsletter .

The home is completely dependent on donations from US! It is my prayer that those of you who read this will also send a donation…On the very last day of my visit the girls thanked me, on by one for coming. Through an interpreter each girls shared a thought or two about my visit, I was there for a little more than a week if memory serves me? As the girls spoke I was doing everything possible to not start tearing up! Well, needless to say, I failed…… Thank you for giving in this desperate time to the kids in Arequipa, Peru at Restoring Hope International

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We have dedicated our lives to the restoration of our rescued children. Will you help us to help them? Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and secure a safe and positive future for some of Peru’s socially at-risk female children and teens. Your donation, in any amount, will fund our mission. You may make a donation to us through PayPal by clicking on the below “Donate Now” button. Or, optionally, you may mail a check or money order to us at:

Restoring Children International

PO Box 2128

Leavenworth, WA 98826

Please note that we are Restoring Hope International Foundation also doing business as Restoring Children International. We are registered with the IRS as a 

501 (c) (3) non profit organization. Our IRS EIN number is 

26-2265149. Additionally, we are licensed and registered in the State of Washington.

We thank you very much for your help!



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