If you are going to make a statement on this resolution you must do it today

Part of my statement of objection:

‘I am one who believes we should not recognize “Black History Month” or LGBT Month! I do not think it good for the community to recognize the color of skin or the sexual proclivity of people groups! Recognizing those who make outstanding contributions within their community is a better way to honor our citizenry.’

The Council accepts public comment on all proposals before it takes action. Common ways to comment include testifying in person at the proposal hearing, submitting comments in writing via U.S. mail, and commenting electronically by email or through the Council Internet comment form.

I did respond to this objecting vehemently to the proposal and you should too


Proposed Resolution No. R2021-110

Title: A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Dedicating the Month of July as “LGBTQ + Pride Month” in Pierce County, Washington.
Status: Final Consideration


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