Larry Elder is running for Governor of the state of California. Those of you who trumpet “Black Lives Matter” and celebrate Juneteenth should be ecstatic? The younger people who support Black Americans because your schools, your colleges and your media tell you to, well, you should be orgasmic that Larry Elder is running for governor. Just consider for a moment, a poor, impoverish, repressed, black kid living in racist America has risen to the challenge, defying all odds, in a land wrought with systemic racism, “My Goodness!”

My question: Larry Elder could really use your support, your financial donations and your encouragement. After all, he is the pinnacle of your anthem, right?  I encourage you to stand for what you have been protesting for, what you have been burning down cities over and rioting, within black neighborhoods (that you don’t live in). Your voice will make the difference and help Californians have a better, more diverse, multicultural, inclusive government. A government that will help you further comprehend common sense, practical solutions and wisdom. Here is your chance to help black people truly overcome!

Please consider an unfamiliar reality check that will inevitably stir your hearts and minds because, should Larry Elder win, with your support, YOU will have made a huge difference in accomplishing the destruction of white privilege in the state of California!

You have an amazing opportunity, really! Now do what you have been programmed to do…support a black man who has overcome!

The last black governor of California was: Surely, with your steadfast engagement we can do better!

Larry Elder Announces HE IS Running For Governor



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